Gorilla sees the need to rethink transportation. We see the need for a service provider focused on making supply chains more agile, more reliable and more cost-effective.

Customers and carriers are suffering from an antiquated industry. Shippers are more concerned with getting the best price rather than focussing on transport planning and logistics innovation. Transportation providers again are looking to maximize their profit per shipment rather than focussing on operations excellence. As a result the industry is faced with lackluster service and no leadership.

We saw an opportunity to get into the business, armed with the technology, and industry experience to provide a choice.

We seized that opportunity to form a new company dedicated to providing great service at fair pricing with all of the capabilities our customers need. We built an entirely new kind of business, one dedicated to providing the best possible experience for our customers and carriers with every interaction.


We aim to  grow fast, but controlled.  Growth is critical to our business model. Since our mission is to deliver the best experience in the industry volume and reach are critical to achieving this strategy as we need the ability to build and leverage our network.

As we grow, more customers join us and more freight flows through our systems, more carriers turn to us for help with their capacity needs. Unlike most third party logistics providers who tend to grow by cross selling, use freight exchanges and work in little silos, our complete open network visibility allows us to get the right truck on the right load every time.


Through our TruckLoad24 System, we have the ability to analyze and break down historical data to better plan for the future. This process enables us to identify lost opportunities within your supply chain and optimize your freight spend for future.


Our environment is informal, fast paced, and spirited. There is a palpable energy on the floor. We wear jeans here and have fun every day. Gorilla is looking for motivated, driven, energetic, and vibrant individuals. Expect to work hard, but don't ever expect to be bored.


To support our employee's mission to provide the best experience in our industry, they need a powerful technology. Our engine is called TruckLoad24.

Our goal for TruckLoad24 is to provide unprecedented data access and understanding to the industry. TruckLoad24 is designed to deliver the best experience in the industry. It provides an innovative way to visualize the operational flows of our customer's supply chain, giving you unprecedented visibility and control.
Our employees use TruckLoad24 every minute of the day for Pan-European and European domestic Direct Loads transportation services. It supports managing all normal daily transactional freight management activities.
TruckLoad24 is the only European freight management system designed and implemented by people who have spent decades working in the business. By implementing TruckLoad24 as your Transportation Management System, you will have full access to all of the capabilities of the software for all of your freight.

Truckload24 was designed to provide maximum efficiency in internal operations.

Our employees handle a complex set of tasks and need information from multiple industry and company sources simultaneously. The TruckLoad24 engine creates optimal interactions between the user and the data, hiding the noise and illuminating the critical. The TruckLoad24 system makes our employees faster, more accurate, and more effective so their experience, and yours, is the best it can be.